Imagine there is a way to express your organization's knowledge on a level that is independent of the software that runs it. You can actually see it in its clear form. It is no more encoded and hidden somewhere deep in your systems. Imagine you could be able to update and replace your information technologies as needed without wasting the man-years of knowledge gathering that went into their implementation.

This is not a dream, but reality. It is done by abstracting your real business concepts from implementation details. It is possible to configure Metarepository to hold your important know how and let it control the information technologies in your organization. This way you get your IT under control, because you have a tool that helps you do it.

With Metarepository you can start easily and incrementally. We help you select areas where value can be brought quickly and help you with the abstractions needed. During the process your people can learn to do it themselves and get you on a way to true model driven-organization.

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