Enterprise No-Code Application Platform

Why Metada?

Your business

Metada puts you in the driver’s seat of your business without the repetitive round trips between product, marketing and IT teams. Your business is configured by a model that gets executed as business applications exactly the way you define it. Now you and your business teams can configure products, pricing and offering directly and immediately see their effects on the bottom line.

Limitless Flexibility

Flexibility is the DNA of the Metada approach. Virtually every possibility is a matter of simple configuration. Product catalogues, pricing structures and offer packages can not only be easily configured, but defined consistently across sales channels and customer segments to analyse the precise effects and impacts of business decisions. All this within Metada, without any programming.

Years of Experience

Metada embodies many years of research and development in order to put control of IT systems into the hands of subject matter experts. Starting with integration, then moving to internet banking, product catalog, pricing and offering, and growing into a fully fledged low-code application development platform supporting innovative digital business.

Create application frontends quickly

Operate full-scale frontend models in modern React-based form and flow interpreter. Models of forms and screen flows are created quickly by business analysts and not programmers.

Implement and manage advanced business logic

Easily deploy business services that execute business flows handling data mappings, validations, exception handling, and integration to external systems. Flows are executed based on flow models defined by business analysts.

Publish and consume APIs

Immediatelly publish all your business services as web APIs supporting JSON or XML, or as SOAP-based web services. Quickly integrate to external APIs by modeled integration operations.

Store data in proper storage

Store models, metadata, and reference data in Git repositories. Store master and transaction data in an SQL database. Store quick and large data in Elastic Search for fast retrieval and analytics.

Configure storage folders via data models

There is no need to write SQL in order to store data in a relational database. Database access is fully configured via conceptual object-oriented data models.

Use modern web-based modeling environment

Take advantage of a purely web-based modeling tool accessible by many stakeholders without need to install any special software on user machines.

Manage large collaborating teams

Large extensively collaborating teams are supported by advanced versioning capabilities and sandboxing based on Git.

Create your own modeling languages

Metada repository is fully configured by metamodels and therefore it is possible to design domain-specific modeling languages.

Navigate in complex nested data structures

Use pill-box navigation with navigation pills that expand into nested boxes. This way it is easy to see the context of a given piece of data and quickly navigate to other parts of the data.

Let large teams collaborate efficiently and safely

50+ business users are working in parallel right now on managing their new product development and current catalogue for a No1 bank in EU. They collaborate on product design, fine tuning prices and simulations for analysis and market testing. You can do it too.

Quickly jump to details of objects

Start typing your object name and select it to jump to its detail quickly.

Save time with inline validations

Validation features like inline indicators make a huge difference. You will immediately find out whether your configuration is correct and compliant. An incredible help when you need to be fast and efficient.

The Metada platform powers many applications within financial services sector since 2002.
A ready-to-use set of highly configurable digital banking components is available within the Metada platform offering:

Advanced product catalog
Limitless pricing and bundling
Real-time offering and application processing
Customer-centric product management
Revenue and profitability simulations
Fast prototyping

What our clients say

I experienced the approach of Metada for the first time in 2005 and since then this is for me a go-to solution. For an architect to actually see the model of how things work together and be sure without months of analysis that they really do is a true gift. It shifts most of the efforts from neverending technology quarrels to making sense of business requirements and adapting them quickly. Just go for it.

Ondrej Gálik

Enterprise Architect, Komerční banka

With the aid of Metada we managed to build one of the largest integration solutions in the Czech Republic. Thanks to their tools, we always manage to reduce implementation costs of each additional requirement. Metada integration modeling approach also saved us 95% of costs when we migrated to a new ESB solution, since only the code generators had to be updated.

Milan Rubeš

Enterprise Architect, Česká spořitelna (Erste Bank)


Metada s.r.o.
Czech Registered Company 26276135

Petr Smolik
Founder & CEO

Petr’s vision for the digital future is that domain experts will be able to directly create and control the information technologies they need. Applications not cryptically “coded”, but cleanly modeled using domain-specific modeling languages. Petr studied computer science and information technologies both in the United States and the Czech Republic and completed his Ph.D. in the area of metamodeling environments. During many projects, mainly within the financial services industry, Petr has proven his ability to reliably deliver sound and innovative solutions to real-world problems.